Well crap.

My week 3 weigh-in is coming up on Sunday. Since the scale in our house is approximately 25 years old and has a rotary dial with numbers so small I can hardly see them, I thought it might be time to upgrade to something slightly more precise. So, I stopped at Target on my way home from work the other night and got a fancy-dancy glass Weight Watchers digital scale. (Not the one that measures body fat percentage though. I can only handle so much bad news at once.) I get it all set up and try it out… and it measures several pounds heavier than the crappy old one. Why the face! I’m sure it’s more accurate and I DO weigh more than I knew, but relatively, my weight is still down!

Le sigh.

In positive news, I went to the gym last night and got on the treadmill. I ran Day 1 of Week 1 of the infamous Couch to 5k running program! The whole thing! Without stopping! Needless to say, I am quite proud of myself. Now we just have to see if it actually works. The program is written for three days a week of running, but since I am already swimming twice a week, I’m going to spread the running program out a little more and just do two days a week. Instead of 9 weeks I’ll finish in 14. Which, hey, if I can run a 5k in 14 weeks, I will be MIGHTY impressed. Tomorrow morning I’m getting up at 8 to go do w1d2. Yes, I know tomorrow is Saturday. Wish me luck.


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