Without even trying…

… I completed Goal #19, Bring lunch to work every day for a month. Well I kind of tried. But I didn’t really set out to do it. About three weeks into January, I realized that I hadn’t purchased lunch yet all month, and then I made sure to keep bringing it for the last week and a half. It was more a function of a few other things DH and I have been focusing on, like eating dinner at home (so there are often yummy leftovers for me to bring in!), saving money, and eating healthier (it’s easier to make a healthy lunch and bring it than it is to find something healthy at the deli in my building!). It wasn’t even that hard. I’m sure I’ll keep bringing my lunch most days, but if I have to buy something every week or so, I won’t fret.

Speaking of making dinner at home, we are off to a good start on Goal #12, Cook a new recipe at least once a week. Actually, we’ve been cooking new recipes about three times a week this past month! But I’m sure it’ll drop off as we find favorites and make them over again, so I still think the goal is appropriate. There were a few duds, but overall we found some really good, healthy dinners. (This week the quiche was a hit!)

Every Sunday I sit down and find three to four recipes that seem relatively easy and good, decide which days we’ll make them, and then I make a shopping list for the week based off of those, adding any other basics we need (like cereal, milk, eggs, lunch meat, bread, etc). It’s significantly cut down on our food spending and on the amount of time we spend running to the grocery store. Usually one of us makes a second, smaller run mid-week, for fresh veggies and proteins for the second half of the week’s recipes. I’m not going to buy a pound of ground beef on Sunday if we aren’t going to use it until Friday! We aren’t really using coupons – if we have one for something on the list we’ll use it, so that is something we could improve on – planning our meals according to what coupons we have or what is in the weekly circular for our stores. Our current coupon organization system is a magnetic clip on the fridge… does anyone have suggestions for coupon use/organization to get us started?


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