Snowmageddon 2010

DH and I are literally completely snowed in. This is more snow than I have ever seen at one time in my life. DH can’t say the say but that is only because he’s been to Alaska. The drifting has made it hard to get an accurate measurement of total snowfall, but my best guess is around two feet. And not two feet of light, fluffy snow. Two feet of heavy, wet, high-quality packing snow. Even with both cars pulled into our relatively short driveway, it took over an hour to dig out. And then of course we got a few more inches of snow. I believe the plow has been by, but we are still seeing 4-wheelers get stuck at the end of the street so we’re not planning on using the cars anytime soon.

Our house - Snowmageddon 2010

While this may look like a photo of a snow covered tree, it is actually a photo of our house, around noon today. The tree is not usually anywhere near the ground, but apparently the weight of end-of-the-world snow has caused it to bow a little. Let’s take a closer look at our mailbox.

Our mailbox is in there somewhere, I swear

Yes, that’s right. There is actually snow atop the mailbox roughly twice the height of the mailbox itself. Look, you can even see the little demon flakes still whizzing by. I don’t think it stopped snowing until around dinner time. And, my favorite photo, a brave neighbor who didn’t let a measly blizzard keep her housebound. Also, she had snowshoes.

Because in Snowmageddon 2010, regular snow boots will get you nowhere.

I complimented her as she snowshoed by, and she looked up and replied, “I think it may actually be too deep for snowshoes.”

And there you have it.

Tomorrow, the Snowman.


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