DIY silver polish

I’m the Matron of Honor (ewwww Matron sounds so… old!) in by best friend’s wedding this weekend. I’ve been planning to wear a silver Tiffany bracelet that my parents gave me for my 18th birthday. I haven’t worn it in awhile, and when I dug it out, it was really tarnished. Of course, being snowed in, I am in no position to go out hunting for silver polish. My mom always taught me that toothpaste will work as a silver polish in a pinch, which it will, but it involves lots of scrubbing and rubbing and rinsing, and is generally a pain in the rear. So, I did what any good 21st century homemaker would, I went to the Google.

Upon typing in “homemade silver polish” I received several thousand results that pretty much all said the same thing. Toothpaste works in a pinch. Or, here’s a fancy recipe that’ll peel that stubborn tarnish right off your pretty silver.  And they were all slight variations on the very same recipe! After reading through a few of them, I decided I could wing my way through it.  I am happy to announce that my silver bracelet, and an antique silver dish that I keep my everyday jewelry in, are now shiny as the morning sun!  The ingredients are things you’ll already have in the house, and a big plus is that it is completely ecofriendly – no nasty chemicals or fumes, which are abundant in store bought silver polish.

Of course silly me didn’t take any before pictures (but trust me, there was lots of tarnish going on) so I’ll just share the recipe the way I did it, and show you some after photos!

What you’ll need:
A glass or aluminum pan deep enough to hold your silver (I used a rectangular glass brownie pan)
Aluminum foil
Boiling water (enough to fill the pan)
Baking Soda
Cotton cloth (I just used a clean dishcloth)

What to do:
1) Line the pan with aluminum foil, shiny side up. Place your tarnished silver pieces in the pan.
2) Boil water and dissolve into it equal parts baking soda and salt (I used a tablespoon of each, increase or decrease depending on how much water you are using)
3) Pour the boiling water mixture into the pan so it covers the silver pieces
4) Watch the tarnish disappear before your very eyes!
5) After a few minutes, carefully remove silver and wipe dry with clean cotton cloth. Wash/buff as necessary.

And here are my shiny-as-new silver pieces:


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