Enough already

With the snow. As you may have heard, we here in the DC region got whacked by another blizzard Tuesday night and Wednesday. There is so much snow outside I am beginning to doubt that it will ever melt. It’s going to be August and we’ll be finding patches of snow under trees. Nevermind that if it were to all melt, we’d need to build an ark to survive the ensuing floods. DH woke up yesterday, looked out the window and said that he was starting to think we’re in Michigan. I told him I know we’re not in Michigan, because in Michigan, they have enough plows to handle the snow and we wouldn’t be trapped in our house for going on… six days!

That’s not entirely true. We have left the house. In the small interim (Monday) between the blizzards, we ventured the 1/4 mile up the street to H&R Block to get our taxes done. Then we walked to the Giant in the same shopping center to stock up for the incoming blizzard (Lucky Charms, ice cream, orange juice… the neccessities). Needless to say, the cabin fever is definitely setting in. Yesterday I voluntarily left the house to shovel the driveway. Then last night we got into a fight over how high to set the stove to cook stir fry.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, though. Saturday is my best friend’s wedding, so we’re going to brave the streets tomorrow to join the party at a hotel for the weekend! I’m getting a mani/pedi at the hotel spa, and they have a gym! that’s open! with treadmills! So I can get on one and see just how badly out of running shape a week away gets me. And of course, the little matter of the wedding and P-A-R-T-Y afterwards!

I leave you with the icicle of death. It’s on the back of our house, and DH wants to break it off and rig it as a javelin-like weapon for our snowman. Once we figure out how to do that, I’ll get back to you.


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