In a good routine

This week has been going pretty well. On Monday I swam for 40 minutes and yesterday I did W6D2 of my C25K training, plus the nautilus weight machines.  Yesterday’s run was MUC better than Sunday’s. There were two ten minute runs and I was able to increase my speed on both of them and felt great. Taking today off, and doing W6D3 run tomorrow – I can’t wait! It’s a full 25 minute run straight through, so I’m a little nervous, but mostly excited. I think that’s the most I’ve EVER run. Ever.

We had a ton of leftovers so not doing a ton of cooking this week. DH did try a turkey sausage and sauerkraut recipe yesterday, but it was kind of gross, unfortunately! I DID try a new veggie this week – brussel sprouts!

I sauteed them with some EVOO and then splashed balsamic vinegar on them at the end and let it caramelize a little. It smelled amazing!

Looked pretty yummy, too! The flavor with the balsamic vinegar was great, unfortunately, the insides of the sprouts were pretty tasteless. Like plain raw cabbage, kind of. Not terrible but not great. DH wasn’t terribly impressed, either. The outside layers of them were really yummy, though!

At my gym I participate in something called FitLinxx. It’s a computer program that is hooked up to all of the weight machines and tracks what/how much you lift. You also manually enter all cardio workouts you do. You get points based on your workouts (I don’t know the exact formula.) The gym has a bulletin board where they post monthly results by age group… and GUESS who was NUMBER ONE for 20-29 year olds in February!

Yep, that’s yours truly on the top of the list! Full first name and all. And my sister in law is number five! She’s working on getting in shape for her wedding in September.

Now, of course, I just need to make sure I STAY there in March!


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  1. Hi Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yea, I didn’t know they were different until I accidentally purchased a yam when i wanted a sweet potato. Basically a yam is very similar but it is white inside, not orange. And it is a little bit less sweet! (this is like my first experiment ever with these foods so I’m not sure if there are other significant differences). Your brussel sprouts look yummy! And you are doing the C25k! I just completed mine a couple weeks ago. I love it!

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