A Sunday kind of love…

Sooooo weigh in this morning. -0.5. Not quite as exciting as LAST weekend… but a loss is a loss, right?  I feel like I am being taunted by the 25 lb mark.. Ohhhh hooo here, have 24.2… now, 24.8! Gah! Once I’m past 25 lbs lost for two consecutive weeks I’m treating myself to a massage – I can’t wait!

I did W7D1 outside yesterday morning – my first outdoor run! Gotta say, for all the whining runners do about how running inside is… running outside is not what it’s cracked up to be.  First of all, it’s warmed up considerably from a few weeks ago, but it was still about 45* when I went out. My lungs were NOT pleased with the huffing and the puffing of the cold air – that hurts! I have no idea how the people who run through the winter do it.  Second, hello hard pavement! Yeow, do my shins hurt this morning after that. I’m taking an extra day before my next run to let them heal. The last thing I need is chronic shin splints! I got all 25 minutes of running in, though not consecutively, I admit. I hope it gets a little warmer soon. I might try the track up at the high school next time, I figure it’ll be easier on my shins. But I have to get used to road running sometime soon – my 5k in May is ALL on roads. Any pointers on how to ease myself in??

After my run I went to lunch with my dear friend and former roommate, Leah. She and her hubby are expecting baby #1 in July! It’s a boy! I am so excited for them. She looks great and is really loving being pregnant. Leah is one of my WW role models. Back in college/right after, she lost over 70 lbs, and has kept it all off! I meant to take a cute photo of her with her baby bump, but I totally forgot. 😦

This morning I woke up bright and early (ok, more like 9:00) to hydrate and eat in time for an 11:00 Bikram class! The heat was definitely more tolerable this time. I enjoyed it so much, that I took the dive and bought a 15 class pass! So you may be hearing a lot more about my Bikram activities. I’ll try to get a photo sometime of how crazy sweaty I am when I come out of there.

I’m going to go pick up some Chinese take-out in a bit for DH and I to enjoy while we watch the Oscars tonight. I’d like to see “The Hurt Locker” or “Inglourious Basterds” win Best Picture… but really as long as it’s NOT Avatar, I’ll be happy!

Have a good Monday everyone!


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