Weekly round up and weigh in!

First off, a big WELCOME to all my visitors from Prior Fat Girl! Jen is such a huge inspiration for me and I’m so excited that my photo made it on her blog! I hope you’ll stick around and join me on my journey to better health.

I realize I have been absolutely abysmal at my posting this week. It was a tough week for me physically and mentally, which I will elaborate on in another post soon. However, despite my struggles, I still managed to see a -1.3 lb loss on the scale this week! That puts me at a total of 29.1 lbs down since Christmas. I’m dying to get past 30 lbs loss and into the 100s. Hopefully that motivation will keep me going this week.

Our menu this week was a big hit. On Monday we made Lentil Goat Cheese Burgers. I had mine with some garlic hummus and baby spinach on a light hamburger bun. I also made kale chips for the first time as a side! They were delish.

Later in the week we made Mexican Slow Cooked Carnitas. I absolutely LOVE carnitas, and this version was no exception. Unfortunately I failed to take a photo 😦 but you’ll have to trust me on this one, they were fabulous. I left Jason in charge of putting the pork in the slow cooker, and he ended up adding a littttle more spice than the recipe calls for, so ours were a little hot for my taste… but he loved them! Next time I plan to follow the recipe a little more closely! I also made Southwestern Black Bean Salad. Oh. My. Gosh. Next time I’m making a double batch. This stuff was heavenly. The mix of tastes and textures was perfect, and it tasted so fresh and healthy. This is definitely going to be our go-to recipe this summer for when we need to bring something to picnics or BBQs!

Now I’m off to plan our menu for this week and run some errands. I need to go to Target or TJMaxx – all my work pants are falling off me! Woohoo! But, I’m not about to spend mucho $$ on a new wardrobe, since I don’t plan on being at this weight for long! How do you handle changes in size as you go down in weight? Do you pin your oversized pants on yourself (which is what I have been doing!) Shop at consignment stores? Let me know your tricks!



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4 responses to “Weekly round up and weigh in!

  1. i am one of the visitors from Jen’s blog- and I am definitely going to stick around! I’ve already found recipes that look delicious and you seem very funny but also inspirational 🙂
    You will definitely make 30 lbs in NO TIME! Keep up the good work! My goal for this week is to finally get to 10lbs lost! wish me luck

  2. That food looks delicious! I checked out the link to the carnitas too and I’m thinking I’ll have to try to make them myself 🙂

    Congrats on the loss last week!! I’m on the verge of dropping into the 100s myself and can’t wait until the day I look at the number and there’s not a 2 first!

  3. Hi, Those recipes sound good.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve been weight lifting on my arms arms for almost a year. But I do believe the push-ups these last ten weeks have helped to increase their size.

  4. What a great problem to have (ie: pants falling off of you). Very cool! 🙂

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