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As you may know, on Sunday I am supposed to run in my FIRST EVER 5k race! That I’ve been training for since JANUARY!


It is not to be.

I fell and sprained my ankle while gardening this afternoon. The same ankle I sprained (much worse) last May that had me laid up all summer.

Now I feel like this:

I am a sad, sad, sad blogger. Not only can I not run in my 5k on Sunday, but I can’t exercise at ALL. Well, I guess I can do sit-ups. How fast do I have to do sit-ups to get a good cardio workout?

The only plus that has come of this is that I realized in the past I would have turned RIGHT to the pantry to soothe my sorrows… and I have NO desire to do that! (Though I did weep into a glass of red wine. Just one though.)

So, maybe some of my new habits are sticking! I just hope my ankle heals before I get completely out of running shape and I have to start ALL OVER again. That would make me an even sadder blogger.

At least my wonderful hubby made some delicious black bean and salmon tostadas for us for dinner! And now he has gone to retrieve us a movie from the Red Box. So the weekend isn’t a total wash.

I’m going to the chiropractor tomorrow (previously scheduled appointment). I wonder if they treat ankle sprains?



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It’s getting hot in herrrrrr

This morning I got up early (8 am on a Saturday is early for me, okay?!) and drank 60 oz. of water, because I had a 10 am Bikram Yoga class to get to! Apparently I’m a glutton for punishment. If you’re not familiar, Bikram Yoga is 90 minutes of yoga performed in a 105 degree room. My sister has been raving about it for awhile now, so I figured I would give it a go. I did some research and found Bikram Yoga of Alexandria, which got great reviews on Yelp and is helpfully only about 10 minutes from my house. Also their website claims you burn 700+ calories in a session – chaching!

So, I packed myself, yoga mat, towel, two washcloths and an additional 50 oz. of water into my car in search of enlightenment and serious calorie burning.  I got there early, being a newbie and figuring that the Saturday classes might be a little crowded. Well. “A little” is an understatement. By 10 to 10 they were turning people away! The studio was full, there were probably 40-50 people there. And not gonna lie. It was HOT.  The website recommends that women wear a sports bra and workout shorts or tights… but I gotta be honest, my abs are no where NEAR ready for primetime! So I layered a light t-shirt over… which was quite promptly drenched through. But, it was definitely a good workout. And I achieved my goal of neither passing out or vomiting, so I consider it an overall success. I will be going back. And, from what I hear, the second class is much easier than the first.

In weight loss news, I have a weigh in tomorrow morning, and I’m really hoping to crack 20 lbs lost – I’m at 19.8 right now, so close!! 20 lbs is also a quarter of the way to goal. Then when I hit 23.3 down, I’ll have lost 10% of my starting body weight – so hopefully I can knock off those next few in the coming weeks.

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Without even trying…

… I completed Goal #19, Bring lunch to work every day for a month. Well I kind of tried. But I didn’t really set out to do it. About three weeks into January, I realized that I hadn’t purchased lunch yet all month, and then I made sure to keep bringing it for the last week and a half. It was more a function of a few other things DH and I have been focusing on, like eating dinner at home (so there are often yummy leftovers for me to bring in!), saving money, and eating healthier (it’s easier to make a healthy lunch and bring it than it is to find something healthy at the deli in my building!). It wasn’t even that hard. I’m sure I’ll keep bringing my lunch most days, but if I have to buy something every week or so, I won’t fret.

Speaking of making dinner at home, we are off to a good start on Goal #12, Cook a new recipe at least once a week. Actually, we’ve been cooking new recipes about three times a week this past month! But I’m sure it’ll drop off as we find favorites and make them over again, so I still think the goal is appropriate. There were a few duds, but overall we found some really good, healthy dinners. (This week the quiche was a hit!)

Every Sunday I sit down and find three to four recipes that seem relatively easy and good, decide which days we’ll make them, and then I make a shopping list for the week based off of those, adding any other basics we need (like cereal, milk, eggs, lunch meat, bread, etc). It’s significantly cut down on our food spending and on the amount of time we spend running to the grocery store. Usually one of us makes a second, smaller run mid-week, for fresh veggies and proteins for the second half of the week’s recipes. I’m not going to buy a pound of ground beef on Sunday if we aren’t going to use it until Friday! We aren’t really using coupons – if we have one for something on the list we’ll use it, so that is something we could improve on – planning our meals according to what coupons we have or what is in the weekly circular for our stores. Our current coupon organization system is a magnetic clip on the fridge… does anyone have suggestions for coupon use/organization to get us started?

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Well crap.

My week 3 weigh-in is coming up on Sunday. Since the scale in our house is approximately 25 years old and has a rotary dial with numbers so small I can hardly see them, I thought it might be time to upgrade to something slightly more precise. So, I stopped at Target on my way home from work the other night and got a fancy-dancy glass Weight Watchers digital scale. (Not the one that measures body fat percentage though. I can only handle so much bad news at once.) I get it all set up and try it out… and it measures several pounds heavier than the crappy old one. Why the face! I’m sure it’s more accurate and I DO weigh more than I knew, but relatively, my weight is still down!

Le sigh.

In positive news, I went to the gym last night and got on the treadmill. I ran Day 1 of Week 1 of the infamous Couch to 5k running program! The whole thing! Without stopping! Needless to say, I am quite proud of myself. Now we just have to see if it actually works. The program is written for three days a week of running, but since I am already swimming twice a week, I’m going to spread the running program out a little more and just do two days a week. Instead of 9 weeks I’ll finish in 14. Which, hey, if I can run a 5k in 14 weeks, I will be MIGHTY impressed. Tomorrow morning I’m getting up at 8 to go do w1d2. Yes, I know tomorrow is Saturday. Wish me luck.

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