The List

Personal Improvement/Organization
1. Take a cooking class
2. Roast a chicken
3. Read a book every month
2010: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
2011: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
2012: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
4. Join a CSA (and eat everything!)
5. Learn to cook bread pudding
6. Buy and learn to use a digital SLR
7. Learn to drive stick. For real.
8. Finish photo organization
9. Beat Jason at chess
10. Find a professional mentor
11. Bake something new each month
12. Cook a new dinner recipe once a week
13. Clean out office closet
14. Have a huge yard sale
15. Hang diplomas in office
16. Read “A People’s History of the World”
17. Do a 1000+ piece puzzle
18. Complete a Sunday crossword puzzle
19. Bring lunch to work every day for a month
20. Refurbish a piece of furniture from a thrift store, garage sale or flea market
21. Complete a work-related certification
22. Get personal files in order
23. Get a passport with my married name
24. Learn to make Sangria
25. Digitize all non-digital photos
26. Learn to use iMovie
27. Write a will

28. Lose 80 lbs (45.6/80)
29. Complete C25K training (24/27 workouts)
30. Run an official 5K (5/2/10)

31. Try hot yoga
32. Swim 500 meters (10 laps) straight through
33. Bike 20 miles
34. Do a cleanse/detox
35. Get a hot stone massage

Home Improvement
36. Grow a vegetable garden
37. Start a compost pile
38. Redo the Master Bathroom
39. Redo kitchen
40. Find something for our house at a flea market
41. Landscape front yard
42. Landscape backyard
43. Look into leveling backyard
44. Get new windows in upstairs bedrooms
45. Get new windows in theater
46. Get rug for living room
47. Get curtains for living room
48. Build deck in backyard with doors from dining room
49. Install new floor in dining room
50. Organize/decorate library (after yard sale!)
51. Get back wall speakers for theater
52. Get railings for main staircase

53. Build up six months worth of emergency savings
54. Get safe deposit box
55. Finish basement in Shank house
56. Rent out Shank house
57. Pay off all credit card debt
58. Open a savings account for travel fund
59. Increase 401k savings to 10% of salary

60. Start TTC
61. Have parents over for a nice dinner
62. Select photos for wedding album

63. Host a dinner party
64. Attend 10 year HS reunion (Fall 2010)

65. See the Northern Lights
66. Go skydiving
67. Go apple picking
68. Go to 5 concerts
69. Go to Europe
70. Go to a national park
71. Go camping (in a tent)
72. Take Jason to NYC
73. See all Best Picture Oscar winners (32/82)
74. Go to Harpers Ferry
75. See a performance at a major DC theater at least once a year
76. Travel to a new state
77. Go to 5 special/temporary exhibits at the Smithsonian or other museum

78. Send a postcard to Post Secret
79. Write 25 poems
80. Read at a poetry reading
81. Participate in the 365 Days project
82. Start a blog to track these goals!
83. Submit a piece of writing for publication
84. Participate in NaNoWriMo
85. Frame and hang a photograph of mine in each room
86. Create my own handwriting font
87. Take an art class (pottery, drawing, photography)

Philanthropy/Good Works
88. Plant a tree
89. Donate blood 5 times
90. Volunteer at least once a month
91. Donate (at least) a bag of clothes every season
92. Register as a bone marrow donor

93. Build a snowman
94. Get an iPhone
95. Sell something on eBay
96. Have a t-shirt quilt made
97. Buy a new (to me) car
98. Order 5 copies of marriage license
99. Have opal ring reset in white gold
100. Have necessary body work done on car

And finally…
101. Make a new list of 101 things at the end of my 1001 days!


3 responses to “The List

  1. OMG this is seriously amazing. I might have to copy this idea. Hope thats ok. Man what a GREAT premise for a blog!

  2. You have an awesome list here!

    I’m going to steal a few ideas from yours to add to my ever growing list. 🙂

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