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Having a Skinny Day!

I walked into the bathroom at work today and literally stopped in my tracks when I saw myself in the mirror. I looked SKINNY! There was a waist, or the beginnings of one. The rolls didn’t seem enormous. I had on a dress that I hadn’t worn in years – size 14. Yesterday I bought a new pair of jeans at Old Navy – also a size 14! AND on top of all that… it was a good hair day 🙂

I don’t remember the last time I had a “skinny” day. I have lots of “fat” days. And the rest are just kind of average. I know, I know, fat is not a feeling. But you know I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel it sometimes. After seeing my reflection, I noticed that I walked a little taller, spoke with a little more force, was overall more confident. It was great, but at the same time, I couldn’t help but think, shouldn’t I be able to be that confident ALL the time? Should my confidence be so affected by whether I FEEL skinny? I think that means I still have some work to do, emotionally.

But, not gonna lie. Skinny felt good. I took a quick photo with my phone in the mirror at the gym to commemorate. And then I went and swam for 45 minutes! (Don’t mind the wrap on the bum ankle…)



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5k and weigh-in

I went to the doctor yesterday and she said that if my ankle felt okay to run on, I could do it… so I did my 5k this morning! I wasn’t able to run the full distance (about half), but I finished, and on a bum ankle, I’m satisfied.

At weigh-in this morning I lost 1.9 lbs… which puts me officially over 40 lbs lost! HALFWAY BABY!

Going to go ice my ankle and do some work in the yard. 5k photos will be up later – check back!

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